17 Sep, 2019

Health benefits of dark chocolate

Dark chocolate, as it is made from cocoa contains antioxidants and minerals which are ben

17 Sep, 2019

Everything you need to know about fudge, one of the most American confectioneries

Fudge, a worldwide spread smooth and creamy confectionary, has a pretty recent and fun hi

06 Jun, 2019

Fair trade chocolate

Fair trade chocolate:
Towards a sustainable cocoa production

Honeycomb toffee: The story of sugar

Even though we all know we should avoid eating too much sugar, this white or brown luscious substance is an elementary part of our daily diet. Every culture around the world has its beloved sweet confectioneries to be proud of. It is not to say much to that, say since sugar has conquered the world, it has become an essential element of most of the cuisines of both Eastern and Western cultures.