Personalized packaging questions & answers


Welcome gifts for hotels, VIP events detail, 

  • The perfect personalized welcome product for your guests.
  • Customize your mix with hard candies and / or chocolate dragees with excelent chocolate. 
  • Long expiry date.
  • We provide sweet trays for events and caterings.

Diversity of formats and flavours

  • We offer different formats 
  • 25 g bags
  • 55 g cristal jars
  • 100 g transparent tubes
  • 130 g cristal jars 

Is there a minimum order?

Minimum order is 5 kg product for any format

How much is the extra charge for personalized label?

Extra charge for personalized label is 90 € 

What are the prices of each format?

  • 25 g bags of 10 X 10 with silver back and ziplock 1,25 eur
  • 55 g cristal jar 2,75 eur
  • 100 g transparent tube 5,50 €
  • 130 g cristal jar 6,50 eur

How much time does it take?

The time we need to prepare your personalized candies is about 2 weeks. It depends on the season of the year also. Please consult us.

Is there a sugarfree option?