Homemade Chocolates in Barcelona
Homemade Chocolates in Barcelona
Homemade Chocolates in Barcelona

ES: Beautiful, fluffy and juicy marshmallow made with fresh fruit with exotic flavours and red fruits. This tasty and natural delight is always the freshest on our shelves as we cook it almost every day. Try our selection in individual bags or as part of a gourmet box. You can also send a sweet message crafted in marshmallow and crispy chocolate letters. 

Chocolate Hazelnuts

Avellanas De Chocolate

Chocolate Catanias

Catanias De Chocolate

Chocolate Almond

Chocolate almendra

Chocolate Banana

Nubes naranja

Chocolate Kikos

Kikos De Chocolate

Chocolate Peanut

Cacahuete De Chocolate

Chocolate Crunchy Corn Bitter

Chocolate Crujiente Maíz Amargo

Chocolate Crunchy Corn Milk

Leche De Maíz Crujiente De Chocolate

Chocolate Salted

Chocolate salado

Chocolate Velvet Viol Raspberry

Chocolate Velvet Viol Frambuesa

Chocolate Mezcal Spicey Tuffle

Truchas De Especias De Mezcal De Chocolate

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Trufa De Frambuesa Con Chocolate

Chocolate Hearts

Corazones de chocolate

Chocolate Tiles

Azulejos De Chocolate