Personalized candies, questions and answers

Caramelos personalizados

Brands, Weddings, Welcome gifts

  • The perfect personalized product for brands or companies kiknek, milyen formartumok, milyen arkategoriak.  
  • If you get married your names made as candy inscription is a original detail for all your guests.

Diversity of formats and flavours

  • We offer different formats from 25 g bags to 100 g cristal jars or transparent tubes.
  • This is a product with a minimum order ( 5 to 10 kg ) depending on the complexity of the inscription.
  • 5 kg in any format costs around 250,00 €

What graphics I can put in the candy?

  • You can put letters, logotypes and the combintation of booth. For a wedding for example names surrounding a heart or another simple shape. The inscriptions canbe circular or linear. 
  • Words upot to 12 letters. In case of the logotypes if the drawing has excessive complexity we offer a simpler version to realize. There is always a solution even if its a combination of product inscription and personalized packaging. 
Personalized Candy Personalized Candy

What flavours I can choose?

You can choose all fruit flavours, and also custom combinations like pear and jasmin, strawberry and basil and others. The most popular flavours are: lemon, strawberry and orange in this order. We can give you a hand to find the perfect pairing for you. We use essences and fresh fruit and liophylized products so combinations can be subtle and complex. 

  • Available fruits: lemon, orange, strawberry, raspberry, banana, mango, passionfruit, pineapple, lime
  • Herbs and flowers: minth, jasmin, violet, lavander.

If you have special request we can make it.

Ingradiants Personalized Candy

What exterior finishings are available?

We can finish candies with a simple shiny single wrap of a solid colour. All kind of combinations are possible with strips up to 8 that can be made of two colours or each one different. Strips can be same width or wide combined with pinstrips. These details are determined once you make you order. 

Solid colored canddies Personalized Candy

How much is the minimum order?

Minimum order depends on the complexity of the graphics you want to include.

5 letters or simple logotype 5 kg,
from 6 to 12 letters or complex logotype 10 kg.

Personalized Candy Personalized Candy

What formats I can choose for hand in?

We offer different formats for your candies. 

  • 25 g bags of 10 X 10 with silver back and ziplock
  • 55 g cristal jar
  • 130 g cristal jar
  • 1500 g plastic bag


Your order will be reparted evenly in the different formats. 

  • 5 kg product makes 
  • 200 bags of 25 g
  • 38 jars of 130 g
  • 50 tubes of 100 g  
Personalized Candy Personalized Candy  

What are the prices of each format?

  • 25 g bags of 10 X 10 with silver back and ziplock 1,25 eur
  • 55 g cristal jar 2,75 eur
  • 130 g cristal jar 6,50 eur
  • 1500 g plastic bag 52,50 eur
Personalized Candy Personalized Candy

How much time does it take?

The time we need to prepare your personalized candies is about 2 weeks. It depends on the season of the year also. Please consult us.

Is there a sugarfree option?